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Hina Yoshihara collaborated by SLY
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Collaboration Collection of Hina Yoshihara, an artist with a global presence, and SLY!

Versatile denim jacket that will lift your heart every time you wear it,
Knit two-piece set with trendy Y2K fashion aesthetic, and various fashion accessories.
This collection is the lineup of iconic items that reflect Hina's mindset, characterized by the powerful themes of freedom and sensuality.

Mix and match the items with your personal creative styling and add some sweetness and edge to your daily fashion.


Style Samples


denim detail

another color

Denim is a staple in fashion. You can always depend on a denim outfit for great fashion!
Pair the front-zip biker-style denim jacket with low-rise jeans and flaunt your midriff for a now-in look.
Notice the wide and straight leg line that will bring out your legs.
The jacket and jeans come in two shades, one-wash striking indigo, and the vintage-look light blue. Both pieces can be paired or worn separately and go perfectly with anything.

The sunglasses complement your face and give a sharpening effect to your face line. Original design created with attention to detail from the mold.

Styled Items: 1, 2, 14, 18 / 4, 5, 19


A cropped T-shirt with an eye catching sparkly sequined logo. This vintage-like gray color T-shirt is a great match with bleached low-rise denim. Avoid being too casual by adding a faux-fur charm and a beanie. This will make the look nostalgic yet new and chic.

Styled Items: 5, 8, 16


If you seek a sweeter look, pair the denim skirt with the denim jacket.
The skirt may look like a pleated skirt but what appears to be pleated lines are zippers!
The zippers can be opened from the bottom for you to freely adjust the slit of the skirt according to your mood of the day.
Styling the micro-cropped top, angular design multi-colored bag with multiple pockets and the loose-fitting socks will complete a full Y2K aesthetic fashion look.

Styled Items: 1, 3, 15


The outstanding feature of this knit two-piece set, reminiscent of the fashion in the 00s, is the luxury faux fur trimming.
The knit silhouette nicely hugs the body and gently accentuates the curves, adding a touch of sexiness to the styling!
The top features two zippers, one at the top and one at the bottom. Adjust them to showcase as much skin as you desire and enjoy personalized styling.
The fit of the knit is incredible, which is perfect for any active night out.

Styled Items: 12, 13, 19


Special Collaboration with NEW ERA®︎

another color

back detail

The special beanie (knit watch cap) in the lineup is a three-way collaboration item with NEW ERA® -one of the world’s biggest headwear and apparel streetwear brands, Hina, and SLY.
The fluffy, lovely pom-pom is a great accent for the beanie. The shape of the crown, designed to fit the head snugly, is rounded, creating a cute silhouette.
The beanie can be worn in two ways! You can wear it with the edge folded (with a brim) or stretch it out to showcase the embroidered collaboration logo.

Styled Items: 2,7,19 / 5,8,16


Hina, please share your thoughts on the collaboration collection and how to style them!
Hina Yoshihara: I created pieces that can be enjoyed daily for a long time in any situation, such as simple denim that goes with anything, T-shirts, and fashion accessories like beanies.
Every item is something I genuinely want to wear myself right now.
For the knitwear top, I designed it with the idea of creating something that would make me feel like a lion when wearing it (lol). I love faux fur, and I believe it's a statement piece for girls!
When I style my fashion, I try to focus on accentuating my bodyline.
Clothes that emphasize and complement the bodyline allow me to showcase my body movements, which helps express myself. I've incorporated this idea into the designs of the collection.
I also put a lot of thought into the details. For example, in the denim skirt, the multiple zippers allow everyone to wear it in their own style. When they want to add some sexiness to their style, I recommend opening the zippers wider♡
The shape of the denim pants is awesome too. The jacket takes on a different look with movement, and I want everyone to enjoy experimenting with their styling.
I'm confident that fashion enthusiasts, those who appreciate denim and my fans, will absolutely love the items in this collection!
What kind of hair and makeup do you want people to enjoy with the collection?
Hina Yoshihara: I recommend a nostalgic look, denim on denim with simple makeup and super glossy gloss.
For a colorful look, pair a T-shirt and a multi-color bag and add a splash of color with eye shadow and lipstick.
I got to try something I always wanted to. For makeup I applied silver glitter on blue eye shadow, total Y2K aesthetic.
And the long braid hairstyle I did will go well with any item.
I hope everyone tries out the styling, hair, and makeup I did for this photo shoot!
When did you first encounter SLY?
Hina Yoshihara: My first encounter was when I walked into one of SLY’s shops when I was shopping. I think I was in middle school.
At that time, I liked a sophisticated and sexy, business lady like fashion, so the style of SLY was a perfect match for me!
After that encounter, I shopped at SLY SO MUCH, I am at the top of the regular shopper ranking and earned so many shopping points. I’m such a fan of the brand (lol). I love everything from SLY!
I still love wearing the high-rise waist denim pants I bought when I was in middle school.
The shape and color are really amazing, and it doesn’t get worn out. The more I wear it, the better it fits my body.
I am really honored to do a collaboration with SLY!
Tell us about the special three-way collaboration item with NEW ERA®!
Hina Yoshihara: Yes! The beanie we made with NEW ERA® can be worn with or without a brim. When you wear it without a brim, you’ll see a hidden logo.
Both give a completely different look so you can style it freely to fit your mood and style.
I’ve loved NEW ERA® since I started hip-hop dancing in elementary school.
Around that time, all the dancers were wearing a NEW ERA® cap as a fashion statement. I remember wearing the 59FIFTY® cap tilted. Curving the brim wasn’t a thing back then. Wearing the brim straight was supposed to be cool (lol).
I love the New York Yankees collection series and recently, the pre-curved baseball cap is my favorite.
I like creating a modern street style by pairing a stylish classic fashion with the NEW ERA® cap, such as styling it with a long coat. That is my original “Hina style” styling.
What is your vision for the future?
Hina Yoshihara: I have been active globally until now, but starting this year, I bet you will be seeing me in different places and fields in Japan. I want to try everything I love and wish to try, things related to fashion, performing as an artist and more, so I will greatly appreciate everyone’s support.
I truly hope that everyone will enjoy wearing the items from this collaboration collection♡


Hina Yoshihara is an artist from Japan. She started dancing at a young age. In 2017, she became a member of the international pop group, Now United, created by Simon Fuller.
From 2024, she plans to shift her focus to activities within her home country, Japan and intends to expand her activities and appearances in new ways.
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